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and I'm movin' out

hello. I'm new here. my name is Sam.
I'm a photojournalist for local music zines and papers here. I'm in three different photo classes. I take over 100 pictures a day, each day. the camera I have right now is Nikon coolpix 5600. it's 5.1 mp, 3x zoom, and Red-Eye fix. however, this isn't my camera, it is my mother's, and she isn't one for photography. I am looking to buy an SLR/Proffessional camera. I would like at least 7 mp. I want to be able to get a memory card for the camera, to where I don't have to change cards, or empty cards every few hours or something, you know? I travel a lot, and don't have that option a lot of the time, which stinks; because I only have to memory cards for my mother's camera, and that often isn't enough for what I do. in addition to traveling [which is all over the world], my photo classes [all three, soon to be six, of them], and my photojournalist-ing [I go to TONS of concerts/shows, and much of the pictures I take at these get published in music journals/papers/zines here]; I spend a lot of time with people, and I like to document my days with pictures, I keep journals/scrapbooks with all the pictures I take. I have been looking at cameras for a few weeks now, asking people for advice and such. so far; on ebay at least; there are three cameras I am looking at. ONE, TWO, and THREE.
I was wondering if maybe I could get more advice, evaluations of those cameras, and maybe tips and such; I'm in need of a camera to not only be able to call my own, but to be able to do what I want/need it to; and I would like it by the end of July, as I'll be adding three more [advanced]photo classes to my routine, then.

please help me. let me know anything. criticism, advice, evaluations, questions, tips, hints, links; anything.
and thankyou.

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