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Question about megapixels...

I have a Kodak Z740, and I use it for the simple things in life, like pictures of family and friends, my cats, various objects around the house. I don't get technical or "artsy" with it. But, it is a 5.0 megapixel, and it has the option of taking pictures in smaller pixel sizes. I can take the pics in 5.0 megapixel, 4.4 MP, 4.0 MP, 3.1 MP and 1.8 MP.

My question is this. The majority of pictures that I take I either crop in photoshop to send via email, or just crop them to a smaller size so I can print them out as 4x6 pics on the Kodak photo center machine at my nearest CVS or Walgreens.

So, if I use a smaller MegaPixel setting when I take pictures, like a 1.8 or 3.1 MP, am I ruining the quality of the picture by using less MP's??? I guess another good question, (since I don't know...what exactly do megapixels do for a camera/pictures?

Any info/advice would be very much appreciated. Gracias.
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